MOA Stake Pool

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts from New Zealand aiming to provide you with a quality staking experience. We operate a reliable pool which is run on both cloud and bare metal servers.

MOA Stake Pool

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Please Note: 0% Margin is for a limited time!

While our pool is growing we will have a 0% margin on it. We will be increasing this to 1% approximately end Q3/2021. This is to ensure we can continue to invest in infrastructure to improve and grow our pool.

MOA Stake Pool

About us

MOA Stake Pool

Hi! We are small team of professionals based in Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have a diverse team with backgrounds in website development, server management and financial services.

We run a mix of cloud and bare metal servers, with our bare metal relay based right here in New Zealand. Longer term we hope to move completely to bare metal servers based in New Zealand - one of the most ‘decentralised’ countries on the planet.

Our goals for our pool are:

  • Service Reliability - first and foremost we want to provide a worry free staking service for our delegators.
  • Supporting Decentralisation - we believe that the decentralised nature of the Cardano Network contributes to it’s value. We promise to only run the one pool so that it has our full attention.
  • Cost Effective - we aim to keep our fees low but fair to optimise the returns for our delegators as well as ensuring our pool is sustainable.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Staking?
Your ADA represents a stake in the Cardano network, by staking (delegating) your ADA to a Stake Pool you are supporting the decentralisation of the Cardano network and earning rewards for doing so. You can find out more about stake delegation on the Cardano organisation website.
Is my ADA safe?
The beauty of the Cardano staking system is that your coins never leave your wallet when they are delegated!
How long do I need to keep my ADA staked?
There is no minimum period and any rewards earned are paid to your wallet every Cardano epoch (5 days). You can move your coins at any time.
How do I stake my ADA?
You can stake your ADA through the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets.
What is a MOA?
The MOA was a large flightless bird native to New Zealand. Unfortunately they're now extinct. (It's also a rather tasty beer brand).